Come along with us to Cosmoprof Miami!

Come along with us to Cosmoprof! Behind the scenes content where TM ventures to Cosmoprof Miami - worth it or not? Read to find out!

It all started on Tuesday morning, January 23rd at 8 am. Unfortunately, that day did not start how Tony and I had anticipated. After all, this was our very first cosmetics conference and, frankly, we had no idea what to anticipate.Tony and I awoke to discover his car had been towed from our Airbnb rental designated parking space. We originally planned to be up and get super cute for attending our very first conference, but something in my gut told me to check on the car. Without skipping a beat and without any loss of energetic enthusiasm, Tony accepts that morning’s misfortune, and we go to collect his vehicle. Just a half mile walk and $333 later, we grab his car, park it in the same lot with the newly provided parking pass, and we get ready for the day.

Arriving at CosmoProf, we discover a winding line of easily over 500 people eagerly waiting to pick up their lanyards and day passes. Luckily, we stand in that line for no more than 15 minutes and, voila, we are in. From the moment we entered, the excitement was palpable. There were sections of the convention center separated by type: hair, skin care, nails, makeup, and perfume. As we investigate further, we see sections within those groups divided by country: Italy, France, Germany, and more. Being surrounded by people of various cultural backgrounds, listening to fluently spoken languages, and witnessing the beauty of innovation left us feeling in awe and inspired.

Tony and I spoke with business owners, presidents, managers, and inventors. To be given such an opportunity to discuss the latest products and innovations with the people most invested in their companies was thrilling. It was an incredible feeling being surrounded by individuals who said, “Why not me?” Individuals who took their ideas and made them come to fruition, who pushed the envelope and signed up for maximizing their lives by living out their dreams.

And we certainly had some favorites. We saw incredible packaging manufacturers promoting sustainable and sleek packaging from lip gloss tubes to face brushes to eyeshadow palettes like HCT and Qosmedix. We got to feel the latest formulations for eye shadows, lotions, lip oils, face scrubs from brands like Pro Magnolia’s Liyal’an line. We learned about Doliderm’s exquisite skin care line from France whose products were designed by pharmacists. We got to observe Roboqbo’s machinery with self-cleaning capabilities involved in the creation of powders, and Bellatrx’s machinery dedicated to seamlessly filling and sealing bottles on an assembly line. We loved the unique hydrating formula in the lip balms from our friends at Trew Cosmetics. The skin care pads from Clean Skin Club were an absolute treat to take home and use for gentle and effective makeup removal. We even had the wonderful experience of trying out W. Dressing Room’s clean fragrances that are perfect for anyone even if they have sensitivities, and Naturally Beautiful Skin’s collagen peptide booster serum developed with the finest South African ingredients.

The experiences were impactful: connecting with brilliant leaders from various sectors of the beauty industry, witnessing the latest technology and passion behind innovation, and showing up authentically as Terra Moons representatives and champions.

Will we attend more conferences in the near future? Absolutely. Will we sponsor a booth to share our creativity and innovation with makeup lovers at conventions? Without question.

Stay tuned for more experiences as we navigate this new-to-us and thrilling landscape.

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