Lovers on the Sun - Sneak Peek

Hi everyone, Tony here! I’m so excited to share a little sneak peek of what’s to come later this month and the process we used to get there!

We want to welcome you to the very first behind-the-scenes view into our newest collection: Lovers On The Sun. Lovers On The Sun is special in that we are offering one palette with a solar and lunar color story. The solar version showcases earthy, boho vibes while the lunar version gives sultry, galaxy vibes. Both versions of the palette were designed to work cohesively as well for those of you looking to bring the two color stories together to create a myriad of cosmic looks.

Each palette hosts six celestial shades with a balance of mattes, shimmers, and multichromes. Each palette will also be accompanied by two carefully selected lip glosses that tie into each color story. The names of the shades in each version will be identical with the exception of being from the solar color story or the lunar color story.

Back when Rachel first started at TM, she was obsessed with the idea of light versus dark when dreaming of palettes. When we entertained the idea of Lovers On The Sun, her first comment was, “What about solar versus lunar?” We had to give in because she was relentless and, quite frankly, it is a genius idea.

We began conceptualizing Lovers on the Sun around the end of 2023 spending many hours using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to design every component for this launch. The photos seen in this blog post are renderings of our design not true to actual color specifications. We spent months on prototyping colors and glosses to ensure quality, feel, and appearance.

We went back and forth with our supplier finding the perfect packaging to bring this idea to life. As usual, everything you’ll see is handmade, formulated, and pressed by us here at TM! We only use vegan, cruelty-free products that are of the highest quality.

Finally, since Laura’s birthday month is February and because she’s a romantic, we wanted a special collection infusing love and space. And because you know we love creating over here, we will also be releasing nine completely new multichrome singles and one duochrome single! We hope you are prepared to fall head over heels in love with our new releases. Remember to tag us whenever you share your looks using #TerraMoonsCosmetics. We love seeing your creations. After all, we are creating cosmic beauty as unique as you are!

Please feel free to leave us comments on these blogs and let us know your thoughts! We love to read them. Also, if you have time, leave us a review on our website!

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Astronomy Nook

To tie everything up, here’s a lil’ fun science fact for my fellow astronomy enthusiasts out there:

The energy created in the center of our beautiful sun takes between 10 and 100 million years to leave the sun. When it leaves the sun, it travels 93 million miles to reach Earth in about 8 minutes. What a journey!

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