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This year, we're shaking things up in the most fabulous way possible! 🌈🎉 We're super excited to invite you, our amazing community, to get even closer and cozier with us. Every week, we're bringing a sprinkle of cosmic sparkle right to your inbox and on our website with our blog posts. Think of them as your weekly beauty catch-up with friends! We will be sharing lots of fun content you won't want to miss! This month, we will be introducing you all to the TM team starting with Rachel.
A big, heartfelt thank you for being such an integral part of our journey. Your support and love mean everything to us. Let's make this year the most beautiful and exciting one yet!
Big hugs and lots of love, Laura 💖🌈 




Name: Rachel (she/her)
Function: I started working at TM in September of 2023. Since there are only four of us at Terra Moons, I pretty much have my hand in all things TM. I help create glorious colors, I press shades, and I help with shipping. Additionally, I get to talk with the coolest people like extremely talented makeup artists, up and coming content creators, and agents for upcoming creative partnerships.

Hobbies: I love strength training and crossfitting, playing video games, spending time with my two dogs and my wife, and beating escape rooms! I would call myself a professional escape artist for sure haha!

Favorite Creation at TM: I was obsessed with creating a red that would be rich and commanding so I kept playing with combinations until I created the main color ingredient for Ruby Satellite and Alien Code. Be still my heart.

Fun Fact: I can speak English, Spanish (I am Puerto Rican so I learned Spanish from family), Sign Language (I lived with deaf and hard of hearing dorm mates freshman year of college), and French (thanks Duolingo!).

Philosophy: I am highly invested in maximizing my life potential for what that looks like for me. When I was given the opportunity to work for my sister and with my brother and brother-in-law at TM, I knew I had to step into this next chapter of my life. Moving from being a math professor of 15 years to working at a cosmetics company my sister built has been such an incredible and worthwhile shift. I feel honored to be on the team and a part of the elite TM community, and I’m excited to watch us grow!

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  • Sol

    I just loved reading this so much! I think you’re a perfect fit for the TM team and I’m excited to see all the magic you’ll weave together.

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