Meet the TM team

Happy to have you all here again with us today! We started to introduce everyone to our team beginning the first of this month to give everyone a look at us behind the scenes and put faces to the name. This week we will be introducing my life partner, my other half and my best friend, Jason. 


Pronouns: he/him

Function: I am typically helping with the day to day operations. Outside of that, I handle most of the IT and business related activities. Many of you have likely interacted with me in some way already by way of email support, contracts, or any other business dealings. I do most of the website updates, graphic designing (to bring the vision to life), and technical changes. I also handle most of the business regarding accountants, sales tax, legal and regulatory needs.   

Hobbies: I am a sports enthusiast. I am an avid supporter of THE Philadelphia Eagles (go Birds!) and watching Syracuse Men's Lacrosse during the spring/summer. I am currently working on every element of my golf game. During my down time, I enjoy listening to music and playing various PC games. 

 Favorite creation at TM: The business itself. Watching how much this business has grown over the past 5 years and being able to be a part of it.

Fun Fact: Some of my favorite TV series are Scrubs, The Office, and Parks and Rec. I can rewatch any of these and they never get old. 

Motto/Philosophy: “Just keep swimming” - a wise fish

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