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Last week, we took a brief hiatus from our 'Meet the Team' emails, as we were all hands on deck for the thrilling launch of our Space Chemistry palette. We're excited to be back this week to introduce our final team member - me! We hope you've enjoyed this mini-series, and we're eager to continue sharing weekly content on a variety of topics and in different formats, giving you an insider's view of TM.
Name: Laura
Pronouns: she/her

Function: I juggle a variety of responsibilities ranging from social media, order fulfillment, customer service, product formulation, and anything else that is needed.

Hobbies/Interests: In my free time, I'm an avid reader and love spinning, weightlifting, playing video games, tackling escape rooms, applying makeup, creating new makeup products, and cherishing moments with my family.

Favorite creation at TM: Each product launch brings its own excitement, but if I had to choose, the Fall 2023 collection really stands out. This launch was an exhilarating challenge, involving the creation of complex colors, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the process.

Fun Fact: My passion for makeup has always been a guiding force in my career. Before founding TM, I pursued makeup artistry, working on makeup for weddings and various events. However, I soon realized my true calling was not in applying makeup but in crafting it.

Life Philosophy: Don't dim your light - if it's too dim the people that need you won't be able to find you! Shine bright like the star you are and be yourself. 

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