Meet the TM team continued...

Happy Monday! Kicking off the week with another blog introducing you to the TM team! Last week you met my sister Rachel, and today you'll be meeting my younger brother Tony. He's a gem ❇️
Name: Anthony (he/him)
Function: I’ve worked with my sister Laura and brother in law Jason since early 2020 (I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 years!). I dabble in all things Terra Moons; from creating new and beautiful shades and lip glosses to handling packing, shipping, fulfilling and customer service related activities. I’ve recently started looking into having more of a hand in relationship building with other local small business.

Hobbies: I’m big into physical activities such as strength training, running, cycling, being on the water and pickle ball! I love video games like my sister Rachel as well as board games, playing sports, and anything collaborative that requires group cooperation such as escape rooms and trivia. I also enjoy reading books and I’m currently looking forward to reading Never Finish by David Goggins.

Favorite creation: I think some of my favorite creations are some you all haven’t seen yet but if I had to choose just one, it would probably be Rosette. I’m partial to our original Terra Borealis and I feel Rosette is a version of that shade, which is definitely still one of our most popular and oldest shades.

Fun Fact: Pizza. Yep, I love pizza. You wanna win me over? Pizza. I swear sometimes I feel like I can’t eat much but when it comes to pizza, I’m pretty sure I have an entire extra stomach and I’m proud of it.

Philosophy: The older I get the more I’ve learned that compassion needs to be an integral part of life. I believe it’s important to understand other’s perspectives, be open minded, and have a willingness to learn new things. Life is far too short and we should be working together, not against each other.

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