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Introducing the latest cosmic wonder in the world of beauty: Space Chemistry, a new eyeshadow palette by Terra Moons Cosmetics, set to enhance your makeup routine with a touch of the cosmos.

Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing hues of nebulas and planets, the lustrous gleam of metals, and the grandeur of celestial bodies, this palette is a tribute to the wonders of space. Space Chemistry is a meticulously handcrafted collection of 12 eyeshadows, each embodying a unique aspect of the universe consisting of 2 mattes, 4 duochromes, 2 metallic shimmers and 4 multichromes.

Each shade in the Space Chemistry palette is a fusion of neutral and vibrant colors, designed for both everyday elegance and glamorous occasions. Handmade with care, these shadows are custom blended pigments inspired by the wonders of space. Our palette features a magnetic base for you to customize the shadows as you see the cosmos and a handy oval mirror to complete your looks.

Get ready to embark on a cosmic journey with our Space Chemistry palette and let the universe inspire your makeup artistry.

*If you would like to swap Meteor Sand with another matte, please indicate as such on your order by leaving us a note and we will take care of it.

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